Online Warranty


  • When a customer has presented a Best Battery for adjustment under the terms of the warranty policy a determination must be made that the claim falls under the terms of the warranty and that it is adjustable.
  • Only those batteries, which will definitely not pass a load test after having been fully recharged, tested and inspected, can be adjusted.
  • A Returned Goods Authorization must be obtained before returning any product to Best Battery. Please contact us for the RGA.
  • If the date code has been removed or tampered with, the warranty will be considered void.


  • Batteries are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship. When defect is evident within the free replacement period, the battery will be replaced or repaired, at the option of the manufacturer, free of charge. Batteries MERELY DISCHARGED are not to be considered as defective.
  • Batteries rendered inoperative due to freezing, fire, wreckage, gasoline or oil damaging container, abuse, failure to add approved water as needed, or using battery of smaller capacity than recommended by vehicle manufacturer, voids this warranty.
  • Ratings are based on equivalent specific gravity of 1.275 and as near rate given as mechanically possible for us to make them. Passenger car batteries used for any application other than for passenger cars will be adjusted at one-half the passenger car pro-rata adjustment period.
  • Proof of date of purchase is required for all claims. This policy is void if the date coding on the battery is removed or destroyed.
  • All warranties, express or implied, are limited to the duration of this warranty, neither warrantor nor manufacturer shall be liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from defects in the battery.

Free Online Replacement Warranty periods- no pro-rata warranties

Automotive- 12 months
Commercial Battery- 12 months
AGM batteries- 12 months
SLA batteries- 12 months
Marine batteries- 12 months
Lawn and Garden batteries- 6 months
Golf and scrubber batteries- 6 months